A window of the Hyde Center containing a welcome poster

  •  Accessibility: The Hyde Center is completely handicap accessible.
  •  Bathroom Locks:Coded entry locks are on the hall bathrooms at the Hyde Center.
    •  Do not give this
      code to anyone outside your party, though you may open the door for them at your
    •  Unauthorized use of bathrooms and gym is the responsibility of the renter.
  • Shoes:Please use only clean rubber-soled shoes on the gym floor.
  • Keys:It is the renter’s obligation to call and arrange for pick-up of keys.
    • Call to arrange for a pick-up of keys approximately two days in advance of
      your rental. Please avoid calling on weekends.
    • Return keys immediately after your rental is over.
  • Reserving the Gym
    •   Please contact the Hyde Center to confirm date
      availability. You may reach us at director@hydecenter.org, or by
      telephone 617-527-4933.
    • After contacting the Hyde Center, please complete the forms and return to the office with fee or deposit, in order to
      guarantee your reservation.
    • It is your responsibility to call the office a couple of days before
      your rental date to arrange for a key to the gym and storage
      areas. There is no need to call again after you arrange
      for key pick up.
    • Locate rubbish barrels in the storage rooms at either end of the gym;
      barrel liners are in the main storage room. To be safe, you should bring
      a couple of barrel liners, as well as a roll of paper towels.
  • Safety:We recommend one chaperone for every ten youths.
    • Check the floor thoroughly for wetness before using, and dry with towels
      or paper towels.
    • Locate First Aid Kit near phone in storage room.
    • Locate two fire extinguishers, each in a wall cabinet built into the gym walls.
  • Closing: It is most important to secure doors (push or pull to check), and
    to turn off gym and lobby lights.

    • The entry door to the building is controlled by an automatic lock system,
      and need not be locked when leaving the building. However, each renter must
      lock the gym doors and storage room doors.
    • All lights, including lobby lights, need to be turned off by the last
      renter. If in doubt, turn them off.
    • Late-night events need to keep to schedule. We have a security person who
      waits up until an event is concluded and who then secures the building.
    • Please bag rubbish and deposit rubbish in barrel on Lincoln Street outside
      of the Center, near the playground.
    • Remove any duct tape from the bathroom latches, if you have taped the doors
      open for your event.
  •  Parking: Please park all vehicles on the street; driveway is reserved for resident handicap parking.