Hyde Garden Brick Fundraiser

The Hyde Playground beautification and restoration project began in 2009 with a lovely gesture of friendship by the Culture Center of Taipei Economic Culture Office (TECO) to purchase and plant flowers for the enjoyment of the entire Newton Highlands community. The gift, as it turned out, was the catalyst for a larger revitalization project of the entire playground. To date we have built a large raised garden in four sections, moved the Lincoln Street fence further into the playground to highlight the garden, ran a sprinkler system from the Hyde Center, brought in ten truckloads of loam, and purchased and planted 40 evergreens, assorted perennials and flower bulbs. We have also added a walkway in front of the garden, four feet of sod between the walkway and the sidewalk, and seven benches. Beyond the garden, the playing field has been aerated and reseeded, and Newton South Little League made a donation to replace the backstop. A seven slot bicycle rack has been installed by the water fountain. Three English Oaks trees have been planted along Bowdoin Street, and two or three metal picnic tables will be installed near the Tot Lot. Generous donations have been made by Newton Highlands neighbors and businesses, and the Chinese community with the remainder funded by the Hyde Community Center.

We are fundraising to help us with this project by offering neighbors the opportunity to purchase engraved bricks in the garden walkway. The engraved bricks will raise funds, beautify the garden and give a permanent gift to the Newton Highlands Community. We will be offering neighbors the opportunity to purchase bricks at $100 or $200 each which can be engraved with a name, message or special occasion. To purchase a brick please fill out order form and submit it with check made payable to NHCDC and mail to Hyde Community Center P.O. Box 610171 Newton Highlands, MA 02461. For more information, email director@hydecenter.org or call John Rice at 617-201-7088.

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