Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council Meeting 8/7/14 8:00 Brigham House

Newton Highlands

Neighborhood Area Council

MEETING AGENDA – Distributed 08/03/14

Rodney Barker, Bob Burke, Barbara Darnell, Steven Feinstein, Groot Gregory, Ron Mauri, Carol McPherson, Srdjan Nedeljkovic, Robert Solomon

Ex-officio aldermen: John Rice, Richard Blazar, Cheryl Lappin


When: Thursday, August 7, 2014, 7:30 pm

Where: Brigham House, 20 Hartford Street in Newton Highlands


Meeting Agenda:

I. General items for discussion (10 minutes)

  • Review and Approval of July 2014 Minutes (all)
  • Treasurer’s Report and Budget update (Groot Gregory)
  • Area Council boundaries and signature collection (Srdjan Nedeljkovic)

II. Committee reports    

  • Activities and Projects: (all) (10 minutes)

o   Summer activities: Concert Series update (John Rice)

o   Beautification and water supply project – Officer English garden (John Rice)

o   Halloween Haunted House (all)

  • Village Business liaison: (10 minutes)

o   Merchants’ Coalition update (Dianne Khalaj)

o   Festive lights in Newton Highlands – update

  • Community Engagement (5 minutes)

o   Update on social outreach, newsletter, and electronic mailing list

  • Transportation update: (20 minutes)

o   MBTA Access and MBTA bridge issue (Robert Solomon)

o   Pedestrian crosswalks update: Lincoln and Walnut, Allerton Rd (Robert Solomon)

o   Allerton Road proposal (Adam Peller)

o   Sidewalk accessibility and tables issue (Robert Solomon)

o   Needham Street update (Srdjan Nedeljkovic)

  • Development, Housing, and Zoning update (40 minutes)

o   Zervas School working group (Steven Feinstein, Rena Getz, Bruce Henderson)

o   Architectural preservation subcommittee update: Rodney Barker, Laura Fitzmaurice and Carol McPherson

o   Envisioning Newton Highlands update (Srdjan Nedeljkovic)

III. New Business: (5 minutes)

  • Any other new business to discuss?

The location of this meeting is handicap accessible, and reasonable accommodations will be provided to persons requiring assistance.

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