NHNAC Newton Trivia Contest & Hyde Renovations

The Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council is hosting a Newton trivia contest and wants people to participate. 20 winners will receive a gift card to a Newton Highlands business.  You don’t need to get all of the questions right to win, but half of the prizes are reserved for people who do.  To submit your answers, fill in the PDF which is available at http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/neighborhood/highlands/default.asp and email it to NewtonHighlandsVirtualTrivia@gmail.com.  Answers will be accepted through August 21.  Winners will be announced at the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council’s September 3 meeting.

HYDE Renovation and Restoration

We have used the Hyde shutdown to renovate our building. We sanded down all our walls
The Hyde wall on the right has been refinished with stain and polyurethane
We renovated the Hyde storage rooms
We took down our window metal screens and cleaned and painted our window frames
Village Bank donated funds to restore our floor and replace the buildings emergency doors.
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