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  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Space Available for Use
  3. Public Safety
  4. Alcoholic beverages
  5. Decorating
  6. Clean-up
  7. Security
  8. Equipment
  9. Insurance
  10. Supervision
  11. Community Impact
  12. Operation Procedures
  13. Fee Structure, Reservations, Payments, Cancellations

1. Statement of Purpose(back to top)

The NHCDC operates the gymnasium of the former Hyde School at 90 Lincoln
Street, Newton Highlands, as a community center for recreational, educational
and public interest activities in keeping with the non-profit charitable
purposes for which the NHCDC was founded. The center is operated to the extent
possible to involve citizens of all ages and backgrounds in a varied mix of
activities. Fees and charges for the use of the facility are set by the NHCDC
with an effort to make the center as open as possible to the public. The
center is in Newton Highlands, but participation in activities is not limited
to residents of this community. When competition exists for use of the space,
the NHCDC Board of Directors considers factors such as programming, fee
structure and community base.

2. Space Available for Use(back to top)

Interior: The gymnasium, storage areas and rest rooms are available by
from the NHCDC. In addition, the corridor is available for use by making
special arrangements with NHCDC, including assurances that public passage will
be possible through the area during that time. The gym divider doors may not
be used without making special arrangements with the administrator when renting
the gymnasium. A service fee would be charged each time that the gym is

Exterior: Entrance to the center is through the east doors (those
facing the courtyard). The Lincoln Street doors are not for regular use, but
are emergency exits and must always be kept clear. There is no implied right
to use the City of Newton recreation land when contracting for use of the
center. The entry plaza on the west side of the building may be used by
special arrangement with the NHCDC. Parking in the circular driveway is
prohibited. Existing spaces are for handicapped parking for the use of the
residents of the Newton Housing Authority building only. Illegally parked cars
will be subject to towing.

3. Public Safety(back to top)

No smoking, fires or candles are allowed in the
center at any time. Portable heaters may not be used. Propane tanks may not
be brought into the center. Those in charge of activities at the center must
know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and the telephone.

4. Alcoholic beverages(back to top)

Alcoholic beverages may not be sold at the center. At private functions,
alcoholic beverages may be served to guests if the host exercises due care for
the guests’ consumption of such beverages. At public functions, alcoholic
beverages may not be served, but guests older than 21 years of age may bring
their own beverages for their own personal consumption.

5. Decorating(back to top)

When decorating, renters may hang decorations on the walls providing they do
not use nails, hooks, tacks or similar permanently defacing modes of adhesion.
Tape may be used if it is completely removed and does not damage the walls.
Confetti may not be used due to clean up difficulties. Balloons (which must be
pre- anchored until removed from gym) and streamers may be used but must be
completely removed from walls and ceilings. Under no circumstances may tape be
used on the floor of the gym. Renters are responsible for any damage caused by
decorating. The use of glitter is not allowed.

6. Clean-up(back to top)

Organizers of the event must remove all trash and debris. A service fee will
be charged if the center is not completely cleaned following an event. If more
clean up is required to leave the facility ready for the next renter, the
organizers must arrange for custodial service through the NHCDC. In some
cases, volunteers may conduct custodial work if they agree to use appropriate
equipment and cleaning solutions.

7. Security(back to top)

The procedure for opening and closing the center will be determined by the
administrator. Renters agree to assume responsibility for the security of the
center during their use and to properly secure the premises upon leaving. A
service fee will be charged if the building is not properly locked. Emergency
doors must be kept closed. The rest rooms are not intended for general public
use. The police should be notified if trespassing occurs.

8. Equipment(back to top)

When the renters provide equipment, it must be in good condition, appropriate
for the intended use, and not cause damage to the facility. Storage of any
equipment at the facility is solely the risk of the user. The NHCDC assumes no
responsibility for any such equipment. Tables and chairs are available for use
when renting the center. Those tables and chairs are for inside use only and
may not be brought outside. Tables and chairs cannot be loaned out. When
equipment is provided by the center, the renter is responsible for using it
appropriately and storing it properly.

9. Insurance(back to top)

Organizations using the gymnasium for athletic or similar purposes will be
required to have proof of insurance satisfactory to the NHCDC and in certain
circumstances will be required to add the NHCDC to their policies as an
additional named insured. The NHCDC reserves the right to require insurance
satisfactory to it in other circumstances depending upon the uses proposed.

10. Supervision(back to top)

Organizations using the gymnasium must provide evidence that qualified officers
or staff will supervise the activities planned. The NHCDC reserves the right
to review the uses proposed for the gymnasium and the supervision provided and
to require such changes as it determines necessary for the safe and appropriate
use of the facility.

11. Community Impact(back to top)

Hours of operation are consistent with the center’s location in a residential
neighborhood. The center is not open between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00
a.m. Outdoor activities must comply with city ordinances. Parking information
and MBTA information should be included in program notices for the center
activities. The center is used as a polling place by the City of Newton and is
not available for use on election days, as well as the evening prior and the
morning subsequent to such days.

12. Operation Procedures(back to top)

Permission to use the facility will be given through written agreement with the
NHCDC, signed by the renter or its representative, who must be at least 21
years of age. The NHCDC Board of Directors may delegate authority to run the
center on a day-by-day basis as long as adequate policy guidelines are
established for this administrative activity. The NHCDC retains final
authority on all aspects of the center operation and retains the right to
revoke renter privileges for failure to abide by the policies stated herein.

13. Fee Structure, Reservations, Payments, Cancellations(back to top)

Fees: Rental time must include any necessary set up and clean up time.
Rental charges are as follows:

  1. Private groups or individuals: $79/hr, $69/hr discounted
  2. Non-profit community organizations: $67/hr, $62/hr discounted
  3. Public charitable organizations and governmental renters providing
    community programs: $52/hr, $47/hr discounted

Discounted rates are given if a contract for the use of the center is signed for use on at least ten (10) different days during the year running from July 1 through June 30. An “early bird” special fee is offered for use before 4:00 p.m., and “night owl” fee after 10:00 p.m., weekdays only. The fee will be 80% of the applicable rate. Lost key fee is $25 per key.

Reservations: The center may be reserved at any time on a first come,
first served basis.
Generally, reservations may not be made more than one year in advance. A
deposit of $50 for events three hours or less and $100 for more than three
hours is required to reserve the center. Deposits are not refundable. When
making reservations, renters must include any and all set-up and clean-up time
they require before and after the actual event. Renters must pay for this time
as well as the specific event time they use. A separate returnable security
deposit may be required for parties.

Payment: Payment must be received in full at least one month before
the date of use for
non-contract renters. If reservations are made with less than a one-month
lead-time, payment must be made in full at the time the reservation is placed.
For contract renters, payment must be made on the first of each month for that
month’s reservations. Checks drawn on Massachusetts bank accounts, money
orders, or cash will be accepted as payment. No credit cards or other forms of
payment will be extended. No more than one check may be used to make one

Cancellations and refunds for non-contract renters will be made without
penalty if notice is received at least one month prior to the date reserved. A
full refund will be made by mailed check. If cancellations are made less than
one month from the reserved date, no refund will be given unless the center is
successful in renting out the time period to some other group. In this
situation, a prorated refund will be given based on the amount of time the
second group fills in for the cancelled reservation.

For cancellations by renters with contracts, notice must be given one
month in advance of any changes and a new contract signed reflecting the
changed circumstances. The amount of the refund will depend on how the
cancellation affects the minimum number of days required for a discounted rate.
If the contract renter still has a minimum of ten days reserved or used, then a
full refund for cancelled times will be made. If the cancellation results in
fewer than 10 days being used, then a recalculation of payment due will be made
and if any refund is due, the amount will be paid by mailed check. If the
change results in additional costs, that additional sum must be paid at the
time that the monthly fee is paid. Cancellations made with less than one
month’s notice will not result in any refund, unless the center is successful
in renting the time period to another group. If a substitute is found, a
prorated refund will be made based on the amount of time successfully

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